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Dial A Tutor is a specialised division of Dial a Student which deals in finding specialised tutors. Tutors are selected from our pool of students but only those with high academic achievements and ability to tutor are accepted into this division. All of our tutors – even those with past experience need to go through our Orientation and Training course. This means that the tutors will provide a high standard of service that is uniform amongst all of them. This will give the clients the confidence in hiring our tutors and knowing that their learners will be professionally dealt with. 

Dial A Tutor is an easy and efficient way for parents to find tutors for their children. We will supply you with tutors who will have positive attitudes towardsyour young learners, who take initiative in the tasks that are given to them and respond to your instructions with enthusiasm. If you are interested in hiring our staff, please fill in our application form for students. We will then source you staff to meet your specific requirements.

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